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New Products

  Date: 08/05/2016

Maintenance free solid-state battery free of metallic lithium

A UK-based material science research based company Ilika plc made a solid-state battery by using its advanced materials science expertise. The miniaturised battery can be integrated into other electronic components. This battery is very much suitable for outdoor/portable battery dependent IOT featured monitoring and other devices.

The Battery named Stereax M250 supports always-on, self-charging and efficient energy requirements. The applications such as home automation, transportation and healthcare can make use of this battery to make IOT devices more miniaturized and also maintenance free. It's called ‘fit and forget’ design that enables IoT sensors to be fitted without further maintenance, including changing batteries.

Whether you need short bursts of power, or a slow trickle of energy consumption, and also wide temperature operation, all these requirements are met by this fit and forget battery.

Ilika focuses fully on material innovation where it says "Ilika’s high throughput technology enables functional materials to be made, characterised and tested up to 100 times faster than traditional techniques". Ilika applies its material research knowledge to areas such as energy, electronic components, automotive, and aeronautics.

Graeme Purdy, CEO, Ilika Plc posted an article named "Ilika transforming the battery space for IoT" in his company's website, where he explains "The Stereax M250 brings additional benefits to those found in other solid state batteries. It has a 40% improvement in energy density for a given area – so you can either make it smaller if you have less energy requirements or you can pack more energy into the space". To read this article visit:http://www.ilika.com/news/blog/ilika-transforming-the-battery-space-for-iot/

In another article titled "Solid state battery innovation opening up IoT innovation" posted in company website by Denis Pasero, Product Manager, Ilika explains the construction of the battery, where he says "Although Stereax M250 is essentially a lithium ion battery, it is also free of metallic lithium. This sounds like a paradox. However in our battery the lithium ions, which are the electrical charge carriers, are alloyed (intercalated)."

To read this article visit: http://www.ilika.com/news/blog/solid-state-battery-innovation-opening-up-iot-innovation/

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