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  Date: 03/11/2015

Complete chipset for CWDM and PSM4 applications in the datacenter

M/A-COM announced the availability of its complete chipset for CWDM and PSM4 applications in the datacenter. The chipset includes the complete lineup of electronic and optical Integrated Circuits (ICs) to achieve the lowest power consumption in a QSFP28 form factor.

As new mega-datacenters continue to expand to service the demand for high-speed data communications, the volume of 100G transceivers is expected to grow exponentially with the parallel need for lower power, smaller size and lower cost components. MACOM has consolidated the high-speed semiconductor content in 100G transceivers and now offers the complete solution including lasers, drivers, CDRs and TIAs - all optimized to provide highly differentiated performance, power, size and cost benefits.

MACOM's M37046 and M37049 are the lowest power and smallest quad channel receive and transmit CDRs with market leading performance. The MAOM-002301 and MAOM-002304 are single and quad-channel DML drivers that offer the lowest power solution in the market. They are very widely adopted in the market due to ease of assembly inside the TOSA. In addition, MACOM's 127/129/131/133D-25C-LCG11 family of DFB lasers covers CWDM and PSM4 wavelengths, offering high-performance over broad operating temperature range. The M03002 and M03102 are single and quad-channel TIAs offering the industry's lowest noise and power consumption for 28G applications. The bundle is fully supported by MACOM's expert applications team to provide faster time to market for transceiver designers. Economies of scale also provide significant cost benefit to manufacturers building transceivers based on the MACOM chipset.

"This chipset demonstrates the value which MACOM brings to our end customers and the industry as a whole," said Vivek Rajgarhia, Vice President of Strategy, Networks. "By providing the complete solution in a neat bundle, we can provide cost and power efficiency benefits which solve our customers' high speed networking challenges."

All of the products in MACOM's 100G datacenter bundle are shipping in volume now. For more information visit www.macom.com.

News Source: M/A-COM

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