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AIR-IQ from Broadcom ensures reliable WiFi in dense areas

Date: 04/09/2015
Spectrum management technology named AIR-IQ from Broadcom for enterprise 5G WiFi access points helps OEMs to design enterprise access points for high-density WiFi connections with higher reliability in connection.

AIR-IQ technology allows detection and mitigation of frequency/signal interference so that connection is not lost.

"As more devices and applications compete for the same unlicensed spectrum, carriers need accurate information on all possible interferences in the network," said Ed Redmond, Broadcom Vice President & General Manager, Compute and Connectivity. "AIR-IQ enables carriers and enterprises to identify issues, limit downtime and deliver the highest performance in the most complex Wi-Fi networks."

AIR-IQ uses Broadcom's Advanced Spectrum Capture Engine (AsCE) to identify non-Wi-Fi interference and adjust accordingly. AIR-IQ offers interactive dashboards for measuring and reporting channel utilization, detection and classification of RF interference as well as spectral maps for forensic capabilities. In addition, record and play-back capabilities allow IT managers to monitor spectrum behavior 24x7 and allow easy troubleshooting and problem solving to reduce overall downtime. The solution also includes location capabilities for identifying and narrowing problem sources.

"With numerous technologies using unlicensed spectrum and additional sources of interference, identifying and resolving issues related to RF interference is key for the enterprise and carriers alike to be able to manage their networks," said Philip Solis, ABI Research Director. "Spectrum analysis tools such as IR-IQ enable administrators to remotely keep mission critical Wi-Fi networks online without costly truck rolls."

"We are committed to offering a secure, uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience in addition to the highest performing network for our customers," said John Maddison, Fortinet Vice President of Marketing. "By working with Broadcom's AIR-IQ technology, we can detect environmental interference and confidently support wireless LAN deployments, even in heavily crowded environments."

"With the increase in the number of devices competing for the same spectrum and a world moving to user-centric mobile experiences, there is an added demand for IT managers to detect, classify and mitigate sources of interference in the fastest way possible to limit downtime and maximize the user experience," said Bob Friday, MIST Systems CTO & Co-Founder. "Advanced solutions such as Broadcom's AIR-IQ meet these demands and are becoming a necessity in today's high density and mobile application intensity networks."

“The proliferation of handheld and laptop wireless devices has significantly taxed the ability of wireless networks to keep data speeds up,” said Jason Leung, Xirrus Senior Director, Product Management. "Xirrus and Broadcom have complementary objectives with regards to 802.11ac Wave 2 which made them a great technology partner for us as we push the boundaries on wireless capabilities today and in the future.”

AIR-IQ supports up to 16 classifiers for a range of 802.11ac family of products including analog cordless phones, wireless video cameras, microwave ovens, s-band motion detectors, Bluetooth, gaming controls, baby monitors and others. New devices will to be added with upcoming software releases.

Broadcom's AIR-IQ technology is currently sampling and is available on Broadcom's latest Wave 2 802.11ac devices including the BCM47452, BCM43465 and BCM43525.