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Xilinx offering LDPC error correction IP for NAND flash use in cloud

Date: 15/08/2015
If you're using NAND flash for high reliability applications such as cloud computers, to ensure stringent reliability and also the endurance, you can now have a Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) error correction IP from Xilinx for your Flash-based applications for the cloud and data center storage market. LDPC is more relevant in case if you're using 3-D NAND Flash.

Xilinx claims its LDPC IP solution offers a code performance near Shannon limit and supports both hard and soft decision decoding. The scalable architecture also designed to support other non-volatile memory devices. Xilinx says its LDPC IP requires 50% less logic versus alternate solutions and is Xilinx FPGA optimized for smaller area and power.

The Flash Memory LDPC Error Correction LogiCORE IP is available now for early access with general availability to begin in Q4 2015.