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  Date: 13/08/2015

USB 3.0 camera reference design kit for wide range of applications

Cypress Semiconductor and THine Electronics introduced USB 3.0 camera reference design kit with 13-megapixel resolution at 21 frames per second. Cypress claim this is the fastest USB3.0 camera ref. design.

The new Ascella design kit is based on Cypress’s EZ-USB CX3 USB 3.0 camera controller and THine’s THP7312 image signal processor (ISP). With optimized firmware, a software development kit, reference circuit schematics and related materials, this kit saves development cost of camera firmware where advanced functions such as auto-focus and live video streaming for a broad range of consumer, industrial, medical, educational and automotive applications need to be provided. The Ascella USB 3.0 Camera Reference Design Kit is available from e-con Systems.

Cypress’s CX3 enables SuperSpeed USB connectivity to THine’s THP7312 ISP. The reference design kit by Cypress and THine enables plug-and-play operation and includes firmware optimized for all USB camera functions. This kit suggested as a production-ready final product and can also utilize it as a development tool for high-resolution camera systems.

“The Ascella reference design kit leverages Cypress’s programmable USB 3.0 controller, our expertise in USB system designs and THine’s advanced image signal processing technology,” said Mark Fu, Senior Marketing Director of the USB 3.0 product line at Cypress. “It provides a compelling demonstration of using 5-Gbps SuperSpeed USB technology in camera and imaging applications.”

“This kit absolutely brings designers of higher-resolution applications an effective solution to drastically shorten development time with optimized firmware and widely-applicable USB interface technology,” said Kazutaka Nogami, President and CEO of THine. “Our global customers will be pleased with its superior image quality and performance.”

"We are witnessing increasing demand for high-resolution, high-framerate cameras with USB 3.0 interface for a wide range of applications," said Ashok Babu, President of e-con Systems. "This new Ascella reference design kit, with a powerful combination of THine’s sophisticated ISP and Cypress’s CX3 USB 3.0 camera controller, provides the right platform for meeting these requirements”.

The Cypress and THine Ascella USB 3.0 reference design kit targets not only consumer electronics but also industrial, medical, machine-vision and educational applications. It also targets microscopes, copiers, document scanners, gaming consoles, TV conference systems and other imaging systems.

Additional Features of the Ascella USB 3.0 Camera Reference Design Kit:
Support for auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-white-balance and the ability to select from 20 picture resolutions
Support for streaming of live video at 4K with 30 fps and 1080p with 60 fps
Support for tuning functions through USB Video Class Control and extensions

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