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  Date: 26/07/2015

Security processor with 288 purpose-built security cores for cloud

Cavium launched NITROX V security processor family with up to 288 purpose-built security cores featuring compression engines, virtualization hardware with PCI-Express Gen 3 and Interlaken interfaces. Cavium says NITROX V family provides 3 -10 times greater performance than alternative solutions within the same power envelope.

The NITROX can be designed into cloud data center servers and networking equipment, enterprise and service provider equipment including servers, Application Delivery Controllers, UTM Gateways WAN Optimization Appliances, routers, and switches.

Why is this security processors required? Cavium explains the below trends driving in crypto and compression functionality in Data Centers:

"Customer applications running in VMs in the virtualized cloud data center need data traffic flowing to and from their VMs to be encrypted. This east-west traffic flow drives high performance symmetric encryption bandwidth requirements for protocols such as IPsec. At the same time, asymmetric cryptographic performance requirements are exploding as well driven by the need for SaaS providers such as search engines, email services and social networking services to encrypt all customer data they receive over the internet using SSL and new crypto schemes such as Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Today most of the SSL transactions use 2048 bit RSA key operations but given the massive growth in mobile clients, the need for high bandwidth Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is rapidly increasing. Another major trend is the need for high performance data compression with excellent compression ratios for data center traffic. This widespread adoption of encryption (SSL or IPsec), new crypto schemes and compression is significantly changing the performance and functionality requirements in a data center and is driving the need for a new security and compression processor."

NITROX V Security Processors offers 120K RSA Ops/Sec and 300K P256 ECC Ops/sec and bulk encryption performance of 100 Gbps for different protocols.

Other key features:
Support for GZIP, PKZIP, Inflate and Deflate algorithms. Also includes support for LZS Compression that is widely used for Storage applications.
Supports protocols such as IPsec, SSL, TLS 1.x, DTLS and ECC Suite B. Also supports a wide variety of algorithms including several variants of AES, 3DES, SHA-2, SHA-3, RSA 2048, RSA 4096, RSA 8192, ECC p256/p384/p521, Kasumi, ZUC and SNOW 3G.

The NITROX V Security processor family expected to be available in third quarter of 2015.

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