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Small size 16M CMOS image sensor from Toshiba for smart mobiles

Date: 16/07/2015
Toshiba launched smaller 16 megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor. Below are the key features of the new T4KC3 image sensor:

1. T4KC3 realizes 30fps at full-resolution output with power consumption of 240mW or lower.
2. "T4KC3" also incorporates Toshiba’s Bright Mode technology, which boosts image brightness up to four times.
3. T4KC3 enables HD video capture at 240fps equivalent, and supports high dynamic range (HDR).
4. Quick focusing with PDAF.
5. T4KC3 incorporates 16Kbit OTP, which can store lens shading correction data for four conditions at maximum, such as indoors and outdoors, daylight and sunset. Settings can be switched with a simple command.

6. Other specifications include Optical Size: 1/2.7 inch
Pixel Pitch: 1.12 micrometer BSI, Preferred Module Size: 8.5 mm × 8.5 mm (Auto focus type).
Sample Price: 1,700 yen
Mass Production Schedule: December, 2015
Mass Production Volume: 2 million units per month