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  Date: 19/07/2015

Tunable capacitors by ST for smartphones feature increased tuning ratio

The second generation electronically tunable capacitors made by STMicroelectronics for smartphones feature increased tuning ratio which can enable the smart phones to have higher mobile download speeds and call quality.

ST says its STPTIC capacitors compensate for changing matching conditions to ensure optimal signal-power transfer between the smartphone’s antenna and power amplifier.

Other improvements include lower parasitic resistance and inductance, which boost efficiency and reduce heat dissipation, and a higher ESD rating for greater robustness.

ST’s STPTIC family feature high-quality Parascan dielectric material and are in same package footprint and pin-out. STPTIC devices meet linearity specifications of 3G/4G modulation and have high quality factor up to 2.7GHz, which ensures low insertion losses and maximum power transfer, while their low leakage current saves power and helps extend handset battery life, says ST.

New STPTIC capacitors are available in eight standard values from 1.5pF (STPTIC-15G2) to 8.2pF (STPTIC-82G2), and are controlled using a bias voltage from 1V to 24V. This can be provided by ST’s STHVDAC-253M controller, which is designed specifically to deliver the wide-tuning bias-voltage required. The controller provides three outputs to control STPTICs for multiple antennas and connects to the smartphone host system via an industry-standard RF Front-End (RFFE) interface.

The new STPTIC capacitors are in mass production now in 4-bump 0.4mm-pitch flip-chip packages, priced from $0.40 for orders of 1000 units.

For further information visit www.st.com/rf-tunable-capacitors-nb

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