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Cspotter from Cyberon optimised for Tensilica Fusion and HiFi DSPs

Date: 08/07/2015
Cyberon has optimized its CSpotter voice recognition software for the Cadence Tensilica Fusion and HiFi digital signal processors (DSPs). CSpotter is a voice recognition tool always listening for keyword spotting.

Cyberon’s CSpotter software wakes up mobile and IoT devices by listening to ambient speech by recognising wake word and/or trigger commands. CSpotter supports 32 languages. More information on the CSpotter software is available at www.cyberon.com.tw.

“Our goal is to make it quick and easy to add voice commands to a wide range of applications from smartphones, smart toys, wearables, automotive to IoT,” said Tai-Hsuan Ho, founder and CEO of Cyberon. “We feel three factors are very important for our success. The first is that we are running on the most popular platforms, which is why we picked the Tensilica DSPs. Secondly, CSpotter is one of the most accurate, noise-robust and small footprint voice recognition engines used as a wake word trigger in voice-activation applications. Finally, we offer multi-language flexibility with support for 32 languages, enabling developers to create voice-enabled devices that can be shipped around the world.”

“The Cyberon software is a valuable addition to our huge audio/voice/speech software partner ecosystem, offering advanced features including the ability for users to create their own personal and speaker-dependent trigger words,” said Larry Przywara, group director of audio/voice IP marketing, Cadence.