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  Date: 28/06/2015

Passive Infrared sensor for reliable intruder detection security system

Infrared sensor based intruder detection systems can now be enhanced with further reliability by using Passive infrared sensor from Southwest Microwave.

The Model 420 Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensoris is designed for outdoor intrusion detection applications with the ability to detect intruders with more accuracy by eliminating the detection of dead zone characteristic of traditional passive infrared sensors. Since Model 420 requires minimal clear zone, that makes it a good choice for very narrow corridors.

Model 420 Can detect within a range of 122 m (400 feet) and provides a four-zone, continuous and gap-free curtain sensing pattern that detects intruders by identifying the temperature (heat radiation) difference between background scene and intruder. The pattern supported includes long, medium and short range detection segments, and also a controllable Creep Field that protects the area surrounding the mounting pole.

Not only the detection technology, but also the signal processing and precision mirror optics makes Model 420 capable of offering Double Optical Filtering, Digital Signal Processing, Signal Shape Analysis and Adaptive Threshold Decoding, helping it to operate in different climatic conditions.

Unnecessary alarms from rain, snow, wind, and fog or eliminated in this sensor.

Installation software offers user-friendly and flexible controls to align, check the signal and also routine maintenance.

Heavy-duty and rugged IP65 packaged plastic enclosure makes Model 420 more reliable and an internally regulated heater connected to sensor electronics and operating from the supply voltage prevents the unit’s optical surface from fogging or frosting in cold weather. A universal mounting bracket allows mounting to flat surfaces or 100 mm (4 in) O.D. posts.

Learn more about Southwest Microwave’s Model 420 Passive Infrared Sensor at: www.southwestmicrowave.com

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