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  Date: 21/06/2015

Renesas joins the bandwagon of IOT platform vendors

To the growing list of IOT platform vendors, the new addition is Renesas. Renesas makes a lot of IOT specific semiconductor chips such as microcontrollers. It is important to provide a IOT platform for a company such as Renesas to support its broad range of 8-bit to 32-bit microcontroller chips using both licensed IP core such as ARM and also its proprietary IP cores.

The platform named Synergy integrates a fully qualified software package and intuitive APIs. The new platform allows embedded systems developers to start product development at the API level allowing them to be more innovative and add differentiated features.

“Engineering teams used to spend valuable development time writing software ranging from low-level peripheral drivers to complex communication and specialty stacks. This resulted in months of engineering resources spent integrating, testing, and maintaining software that didn’t differentiate the end-product in the market,” said Ali Sebt, Senior Vice President, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “By enabling engineers to start design at the software API level and enjoy a real-time control system without the need to build any baseline functionality, the Renesas Synergy platform accelerates embedded development, inspires innovation and enables differentiation.”

Renesas made this platform a complete one, so that engineers are not required to purchase any third-party commercial real-time operating systems and network communication stacks such as TCP/IP USB, and filesystems, GUI and such development tools. All the essential set of embedded software components are included in the Renesas Synergy platform.

As the Renesas Synergy Platform is a fully integrated product and not a set of separately sourced software and hardware components, Renesas provides technical support and licensing for the platform. This reduces the cost and time overhead required to manage relationships with different hardware and software component manufacturers.

Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) includes Express Logic’s X-Ware which includes ThreadX real time operating system (RTOS) plus X-Ware middleware NetX and NetX DUO IPV4 and IPv4/IPV6 TCP/IP stacks respectively, USBX USB Host/Device/OTG protocol stack, FileX MS-DOS compatible file system and GUIX graphics runtime library. These are bundled in the Renesas application framework optimized for use with Renesas Synergy MCUs and compliant to the IEC/ISO/IEEE-12207 Software Life Cycle Process standard.

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