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VLSI design: Powerful DSP and RF IPs essential for smart audio SoC design

Date: 12/06/2015
Audio SOC design basically requires DSP processor IP, and a precision analog interface. What's important in today's connected world is audio SOC requires wireless interface such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With all these blocks on the chip, the total power consumption need to be kept low. Deeper node chip fabrication helps in not only reducing the die size and power consumption and also keeping DSP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and audio functions in a single core. Its like kind of a single Bluetooth audio SOC for wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Keeping this audio SOC design trend in mind DSP vendor CEVA is offering one-stop-shop approach to wireless audio. The new customer for CEVA in audio IP is a China-based SOC designer Beken. Another Chinese chip designer Actions Semiconductor has licensed CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP and CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy IP for designing portable consumer electronics ICs.

CEVA says its one-stop-shop approach for wireless audio combines a comprehensive set of audio and voice software together with full PHY and MAC layer solutions for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in a flexible and highly integrated platform.