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1200V IGBTs with lowest saturation voltage VCE(sat)

Date: 12/06/2015
New S-series 1200V IGBTs from STMicroelectronics are optimized for the lowest combined conduction and turn-off losses at switching frequencies up to 8kHz, to increase the power-conversion efficiency of uninterruptible power supplies, solar generators, welders, industrial motor drives, and similar equipment.

The S series has the lowest saturation voltage (VCE(sat)) among 1200V IGBTs currently on the market, which ensures a lower voltage drop and minimizes power dissipation thereby simplifying thermal management. In addition, the positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient, with tight distribution of parameters, simplifies paralleling of multiple devices for higher power requirements. Very low voltage overshoot and zero oscillation at turn-off allows simpler external circuitry and fewer components.

With 10s minimum short-circuit withstand time (at 150C starting junction temperature), latch-up free operation, extended maximum operating junction temperature of 175C, and wide Safe Operating Area (SOA), the new devices are extremely rugged and reliable.

Ideal for use in the frequency range up to 8kHz, hard-switching topologies, the new S series featuring the third-generation trench-gate field-stop technology complements STs M-series and H-series 1200V IGBTs, which are designed for optimum efficiency at up to 20kHz and over 20kHz respectively. Together, these three series offer the best choice of advanced, high-efficiency devices for IGBT circuits operating at commonly used switching frequencies.

The S-series IGBTs announced today offer 15A, 25A and 40A current ratings in standard or long-lead TO-247 packages. All feature the latest-generation co-packaged freewheeling diode, which combines fast recovery and a high level of softness for very low EMI and turn-on losses. Prices start from $ 2.80 for the 15A STGW15S120DF3 in standard TO-247 package for orders of 1000 pieces.

News Source: st.com