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  Date: 14/06/2015

Samsung expands COB LED product line

In line with the growing trend of chip on-board LED offerings from leading LED vendors the world, Samsung Electronics has unveiled new lineup of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs with high colour rendering index, color quality and scaled-down light emitting space.

For the higher light intensity and small form factor requirements market, Samsung could address that by making available three small LES COB packages (LC010C, LC020C and LC040C), and two new lineup options to its existing LC Series (LC006B, LC008B, LC013B, LC019B, LC026B, LC033B and LC040B). LC Series COB packages feature colour rendering index of above 95.

LC010C, LC020C and LC040C are designed for operating wattage of 10W, 20W and 40W. In 40W LC040C the diameter of its LES has shrunk to 11mm from the 17mm compared to conventional 40W COB packages. Where as in LC010C and LC020C, the LES scaled down to 6 mm from 11 mm and to 8 mm from 12.4 mm respectively. These LES packages are approximately 35 percent smaller than the LES in most existing COB packages and reduce higher light and higher Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) to provide the optimal narrow-beam solution for spotlights.

LES COB packages are fabricated using flip chip technology for higher reliability with low droop, under high current and high thermal conditions.LES COB lineup features specified with light efficacy of 110lm/W at 3000K CCT, CRI80+, 85°C.LES COB packages expected to be sampled in July.

Samsung says its COB LED packages feature much more vivid colors than virtually any commercial LED light, making objects appear as attractive as possible to the human eye. Samsung’s ultra-high-CRI lineup is now available, while its new Vivid COB packages sampled in July.

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