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  Date: 31/05/2015

DC-DC converter module for 28nm FPGAs scalable up to 144A

Power your 28 nm FPGA chips using Linear Tech's newly launched LTM46301, a DC/DC converter module capable of supplying two dual 18A sources or single 36A. When it comes to precision, this DC-DC converter module offers output voltage regulation for two conditions: (a) 0.8% maximum total DC error over line, load and temperature (40C to 125C) and (b) 3% total error, including transients, with minimum output capacitance.

For higher current requirements LTM46301 can be connected in parallel with a capacity to supply a current rating of 144A ( 4 devices x 36A). For this high current rating the size of the device is also not so big, LTM46301 packs DC/DC regulator, inductors and MOSFETs in a 16mm x 16mm x 5.01mm BGA package.

LTM46301 provides regulated output DC voltage in the range of 0.6V to 1.8V and from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 15V. The user can optimize transient response of the LTM46301 while reducing output capacitance with an external resistor and capacitor by manipulating the loop response of the Module regulator. With minimum output ceramic capacitors (five 220F). LTM46301 3% output voltage regulation window is measured with a 25% load step transient response from 12V , while delivering 36A to a 1.2V load.

The efficiencies at 12V , 1.2V with 20A and 36A load currents are 87.5% and 86%, respectively. Corresponding power loss values are 3.2W and 6.5W, respectively. The LTM46301 delivers full 36A current up to 60C ambient, from 12V to 1V with no air flow. Load current derates at approximately 5A per 10C rise in ambient temperature beyond 60C.

The LTM46301 is offered in two V DC precision grades of 0.8% and 1.5%. 1000 piece pricing starts at $37.15 each and $36.05 each, respectively. For more information, visit www.linear.com/product/LTM46301.

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