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  Date: 27/05/2015

Mentor enhances its FloTHERM with more features

Mentor Graphics announced the newest version of the FloTHERM XT software that supports transient analysis, Joule heating, parametric studies, extended EDA integration, and new modeling options where it can represent copper in detail for complex PCBs. Applications covered include automotive, transportation, consumer electronics, industrial automation as well as aerospace and defense.

“FloTHERM XT extended modeling, EDA interfacing capabilities and UI improvements have been well received by our customers as well as our consulting team,” said William Maltz, president and founder, Electronic Cooling Solutions Inc. “We can now take raw mechanical and electrical design data for an electronics system through to a viable thermal model appropriate for advanced parametric analysis. The improvements offered by FloTHERM XT enable us to work more efficiently and to build and run models with a significant reduction of engineering time and effort.”

Further explanation of features explained by Mentor Graphics:
Transient Analysis: time-varying analyses across all industrial applications is enabled with the FloTHERM XT state-of-the-art solver and intuitive user interface (UI).

Component and Board Manipulation: time is saved by importing any board and component layout and easily modifying data for position, size, orientation, shape and modeling level prior to transfer to the FloTHERM XT product.

Joule Heating: comprehensive analysis platform predicts current density, electric potential, and associated Joule heating effects in complex electronics systems, PCBs and other high-power devices – a valuable feature for automotive and power electronics applications.

Parametric Study: a new integrated environment for defining, solving and analyzing results for parametric variations of geometry, attributes (e.g. material, thermal) plus solution parameters significantly enhances the design optimization process.

EDA Tool Connectivity: a new ODB++ interface for non-Mentor Graphics layout tools supports Cadence, Zuken and Altium and helps users save time by providing increased user flexibility and use of existing EDA data.

New Modeling Options: PCB copper nets and traces are represented in full 3D detail, critical for higher-fidelity solutions or high-power applications using Joule heating effects for critical devices on a board.
Enhanced UI: easy-to-use interface and enhanced functionality enables efficient use of the FloTHERM XT software for an improved intuitive user experience.

“We continually strive to make our advanced technologies easier to use, yet more powerful, for our customers – and our new FloTHERM XT product continues to deliver on this promise,” stated Roland Feldhinkel, general manager of Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division. “This version enables optimum productivity for today’s engineers by providing the needed power, performance and advanced capabilities including EDA support to handle the most complex geometries inside an easy-to-use environment.”

Availability: Now

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