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New Products

  Date: 20/05/2015

1200V high-power SCR thyristor with automotive-grade production quality

STs TN5050H-12WY is the worlds first high-power Silicon-Controlled Rectifier Thyristor to offer 1200V blocking voltage combined with automotive-grade production quality. With a current capability up to 80A1 and an operating temperature range up to 150C, the new device leverages both STs long-term leadership in discrete power devices and meeting the demanding requirements of the automotive semiconductor market.

The TN5050H-12WY is ideal for a wide range of AC/DC converter applications, including EV (Electric Vehicle) and other battery chargers, solar and wind renewable energy inverters, solid-state relays, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and industrial welding systems. The device reduces the bill of materials by offering superior surge-current handling, thermal-cooling capability, and overvoltage robustness, while uniquely enhancing reliability, quality, and supply service with the AEC-Q101 compliance and the automotive PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) certification.

This allows designers to achieve the same levels of power and cooling efficiency as they could with traditional diode bridges, and with lower cost and smaller PCB footprint.

Key technical features of the TN5050H-12WY include:
Superior surge-current handling (up to 580A over the first 10ms);
High surge-voltage robustness the device can withstand maximum surge- peak forward and reverse-blocking voltages as high as 1300V;
Excellent thermal-cooling capability, with junction-to-case thermal resistance of just 0.3 C/W at a junction temperature of 150C;
Low on-state voltage drop of 1.55 V(maximum voltage)@ 100A (Tj=25 C);
Low off-state power consumption of 5A max @1200V (Tj=25 C);
A high PCB creepage distance of more than 4mm, which greatly simplifies PCB layout in the application.

The TN5050H-12WY thyristor is available in volume production at a price of $USD 4.73 for a volume of 5 units.

STs automotive-grade thyristor will be shown at the PCIM trade show (Booth 551/Hall 9) in Nuremberg, Germany, on May 19-21 2015.

For further information please visit www.st.com/nb-tn5050h-12wy

News Source: st.com

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