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600V GaN power transistor in 8x8 mm smaller DFN package

Date: 19/05/2015
Panasonic has able to shrink its enhancement-mode gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors (X-GaN) in a 8x8 dual-flat no-lead (DFN) surface-mount package. The earlier version of the same transistor was offered by Panasonic in TO220 (size:15 x 9.9 x 4.6mm), which was supporting the idea of compactness which is required in latest power converters and inverters.

With a breakdown voltage of 600V in an enhancement mode, deliver switching speeds of 200V/ns and a low on-resistance of 54 to 154 milli ohms.

Panasonic is exhibiting these transistors at Power Conversion Intelligent Motion 2015 (PCIM 2015) in Nurnberg, Germany from May 19 to 21, 2015.

These transistors which are of surface-mount type reduces parasitic inductance.

The GaN power transistors are suggested for applications such as AC-DC power supply units (PFCs, insulated DC-DC converters), battery charging systems, PV power conditioners and EV inverters.

Panasonic uses a technology called GIT, means a normally-off GaN transistor.
Panasonic's sampling these products 10A type (PGA26E19BV) and 15A type(PGA26E08BV), in July 2015.

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