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  Date: 17/05/2015

Platform for development of industrial inverters and servo drives

Texas Instruments (TI) has launched C2000 microcontrollers (MCUs) based hardware and software platform for the development of industrial inverter and servo drives used in robotics, computer numerical control machinery (CNC), elevators, materials conveyance and other industrial manufacturing applications.
The platform named DesignDRIVE supports wide types of motors, sensing technologies, encoder standards and communications networks including real-time Ethernet communications and functional safety topologies.

TI's new DesignDRIVE Kit offers an integrated design with full power stage to drive a three-phase motor. The kit includes a 180-pin HSEC controlCARD based on TI's C2000 Delfino TMS320F28377D MCU, which integrates dual C28x real-time processing cores and dual CLA real-time co-processors, providing 800 MIPS of floating-point performance with integrated trigonometric and FFT acceleration.

TMS320F28377D MCU features sensing peripherals such as eight sigma-delta filters, four high-performance 16-bit ADCs and eight windowed comparators to support shunt, fluxgate/HALL, and delta-sigma current sensing simultaneously. MCU also support interfacing to resolvers and incremental encoders for position sensing. MCU can placed on either side of the high-voltage isolation barrier. The DesignDRIVE Kit plugs into 110V/220V AC mains, delivers up to 8 Amps and is rated to drive motors up to one horsepower.

TI's DesignDRIVE Kit (TMDXIDDK377D), which includes the hardware, software and a high-voltage PMSM motor with QEP encoder costs MSRP $1,199 USD. Alternatively, customers can adapt their own motors and purchase the kit without a motor (TMDXIDDK377D) for MSRP $999.

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