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  Date: 17/05/2015

MIPS CI20 dev board support for Imagination’s IoT platform

Imagination Technologies has upgraded its MIPS-based Creator CI20 development board which is powered by PowerVR GPU. The new board fully support Imagination’s FlowCloud IoT platform, and a square form factor type modified board layout to optimise Wi-Fi speed and stability and also updated software for Linux and Android. The new software features are fully compatible with all CI20 boards already shipped.

The support for IOT platform FlowCloud is the highlight of this upgradation, so that IoT developers can utilise CI20 board to develop applications like home automation, robotics, industrial monitoring and control, and any such applications.

Linux and Android operating system supporting Creator CI20 is designed for maker/electronic hobbyists community and is priced not so high so that developers can design projects for applications such as home automation, gaming, wireless multimedia streaming at affordable price.

Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing for Imagination comments “Adding FlowCloud compatibility for Creator CI20 is an exciting step for our burgeoning development board range – and we’re upgrading Wi-Fi performance, software and form factor as well. We conceived the Creator family of low cost development boards to give developers the opportunity to get their hands on a wide range of our technologies from PowerVR GPUs to MIPS CPUs – and there are more Creator boards coming soon. Thanks to full support for FlowCloud, developers now get an incredible out of the box solution – it boots Linux or Android, and through FlowCloud connects to a cloud-based platform ideal for deploying IoT applications quickly. We believe these new features should really capture the imagination of our substantial and growing ecosystem of Creator partners, inspiring new levels of innovation.”

The new updates supporting Android operating system include new configuration options for audio over HDMI and Bluetooth, enhanced Ethernet preferences and full support for audio recording.

The upgraded Creator CI20 is available for pre-ordering at http://store.imgtec.com.

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