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Driver IC for automotive DC brushed motor

Date: 16/05/2015
Toshiba Corporation launched TB9051FTG, P-QFN28 packaged 6mm 6mm measuring motor driver IC for DC brushed motors used in automotive applications such as electronic throttle control, valve control, control of wing mirrors and trunk locks. "TB9051FTG" feature very low on-resistance due to the use of DMOS transistors as driver circuits. TB9051FTG features failure detection circuits for functional safety and built-in detection circuits include over current, over heat, low voltage and high voltage.

Main Specifications Part Number TB9051FTG
Channels 1ch(H-Bridge)
On Resistance(+/-3.0A,Ta=25?) 0.34O(H-side+L-side, max)
Motor Functions Forward / Reverse / Brake
Other Functions
PWM control / Current limit control / H-side current monitor

/ Diagnosis output / Power On Reset (POR) circuit
Detection Circuits
Over Current/Over Heat/Low Battery Voltage(VBAT)/Low

Operating Voltage Range VBAT=4.5V to 28V, VCC=4.5V to 5.5V
External Power Supply 2 Power Supplies (VBAT,VCC)
Package P-QFN28-0606-0.65
Sample Availability September 2015
Mass Production October 2016