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  Date: 17/05/2015

Startup to biggies; Creating plenty of IoT platforms

There are plenty of IoT clouds in the market. One of platform developer says "We’ve built an IoT cloud so you don’t have to" But the IoT builders need to choose IoT platform carefully which brings the time to development cost down, works well with developer's favorite/preferred hardware/semiconductors and the embedded software and many such electronics/computing components involved with IoT. And more importantly the IoT platform ensures the reliability and security of the system.

To give you latest announcement in IoT platforms/clouds, here is some the announcement in Apr-May 2015:

Samsung's ARTIK IOT platform comes with production-ready modules, software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features and cloud connectivity.

ARTIK family integrated with embedded hardware security technology. The customisable ARTIK is offered in multiple configurations to meet applications such as wearable electronics and home automation systems, to smart lighting and industrial applications.

ARTIK 1, the smallest IoT module currently available in the industry at 12mm-by-12mm combines Bluetooth/BLE connectivity and a nine-axis sensor. It designed for low-power, small form- factor IoT applications. ARTIK 5 is suggested for home hubs, drones and high-end wearables. It is powered by 1GHz dual-core processor and on-board DRAM and flash memory. ARTIK 10 has eight-core processor, full 1080p video decoding/encoding, 5.1 audio and 2GB DRAM along with 16GB flash memory. The Samsung ARTIK 10 includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE and ZigBee connectivity and is designed for use with home servers, media applications, and in industrial settings.

ARTIK contains am embedded secure element and is equipped with a machine learning based anomaly detection system. IoT software stack and tools are offered so that developers can go directly to application framework development, instead of spending time building low-level software libraries. Depending on user requirements, data can be managed locally or in the cloud in encrypted or unencrypted formats.
To know more on this visit:

The IoT cloud platform 'MODE' from MODE Inc offers intuitive cloud API for mobile and such devices. MODE supports push technologies such as web socket to facilitate remote control of devices even behind firewalls.
To know more on MODE visit: http://www.tinkermode.com/features.html

Octoblu from Citrix allows to develop IoT systems where users can have virtualised apps and virtual PCs. Open Source IoT Platform Octoblu is a member of the AllSeen Alliance, an open source consortium. They have developer platforms called Meshblu for M2M, and a Gateblu Gateway to connect smart devices with IP addresses and other devices without IP addresses to Meshblu. They also have a OS called Microblu OS to connect Arduino to Meshblu. Another interesting one is Nodeblu Designer which allows to wire up various nodes.

To know more on Octoblue visit: https://developer.octoblu.com/

Broadcom said its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) software development kit (SDK) now supports HomeKit. Broadcom says it is the first company to meet HomeKit technical specifications for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart, Broadcom further expands its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio offerings.

Fujitsu Limited and Intel agreed to combine Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.'s distributed service platform technology with the Intel IoT Gateway to build out comprehensive IoT solutions.

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