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  Date: 10/05/2015

Rugged digital multi meters for both maintenance and R&D needs

Japanese test and measurement equipment maker Hioki launched new drop-proof digital Multimeters DT4254, DT4255, and DT4256 for maintenance repair and operation applications as well as research and development needs.

Features of DT4254/DT4255/DT4256 as provided by Hioki:
1. Unprecedented measurement speed for higher measurement efficiency
The new instruments deliver the fastest response speed of any portable multimeter by completing AC voltage measurement in about 0.6 seconds and DC voltage measurement in about 0.7 seconds. They also provide exceptional noise resistance, enabling them to measure the output voltage on the secondary side of an inverter. These capabilities enable the instruments to output stable results immediately after the start of measurement.

In addition, the new instruments streamline measurement by simultaneously displaying the frequency during AC voltage measurement. Faster measurement times mean increased work efficiency for customers.

2. New function: DC voltage positive/negative polarity detection:
When the instrument measures a negative voltage that is greater than -10 V, it notifies the operator with a red LED and beep, making it easy to check wiring at solar power system sites, in electrical rooms, and in other settings.

3. Drop-proof enclosure with a shock-resistant design
The new instruments are designed to withstand a 1-meter drop onto concrete without breaking.

4. Backlit screen to enable use in dim locations
The screen incorporates a white backlight so that measured values can be read accurately even in dim locations.

5. CAT-compliant design for a high level of safety
The new instruments comply with CAT IV (600 V) and CAT III (1000 V) measurement requirements. In addition, they deliver a high level of safety by incorporating a protective circuit to prevent electrical accidents in the event of erroneous operation or input.

Model specific features according to Hioki:
DT4254: The DT4254, which is designed exclusively for use in voltage measurement applications, prevents electrical accidents caused by erroneous operation, for example by attempting to measure voltage with the resistance range, by eliminating the root cause of such mistakes. The instrument can measure DC voltages of up to 1,700 V.

DT4255: The design of the DT4255 reflects an overriding emphasis on safety by incorporating a fuse for voltage measurement terminals and a current-limiting resistor. Even if a short-circuit occurs inside the multimeter during voltage measurement, the current-limiting resistor will limit any short-circuit current while the fuse quickly disconnects the circuit, preventing a short-circuit accident.

Current measurement is performed using an optional clamp-on sensor.

DT4256: The DT4256 delivers the most functionality of any of the three new instruments. This one instrument provides DC voltage measurement, AC voltage measurement, voltage measurement with DC/AC automatic detection, DC current measurement, AC current measurement, AC current measurement using a clamp-on sensor, continuity check, resistance measurement, diode check, capacitance measurement, and voltage detection functionality.

The instrument provides a 60.00 mA range for measuring DC currents, enabling it to measure 4 to 20 mA instrumentation signals output by transducers.

Key applications suggested by Hioki:
* Maintenance inspections of building and plant equipment
* Research and development work and maintenance inspections in the inverter, solar power, fuel cell, and electric vehicle fields
* Checking of electrical work

For more info visit: www.hioki.com and contact: os-com@hioki.co.jp.

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