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  Date: 26/04/2015

50 A power supply module for FPGA and high-end processor systems

Intersil Corporation launched compact and fully encapsulated digital DC/DC PMBus power module of size 18mm x 23mm x 7.5mm with a current rating of 50 A. The compactness and size is the real interesting feature of this module, with the size nearly equivalent to a high capacitance aluminum electrolytic capacitor which are commonly used in DC/DC converters of older tech. The ISL8272M operates from input voltage source of 12/5 volts DC power bus/rails. These modules can be connected in parallel to achieve higher current rating up to 200 A. ISL8272M is suggested for FPGAs, ASICs, processors and memory in space-constrained and power-dense telecom and datacom applications. The device is also well suited for high-end instrumentation, industrial and medical equipment.

ISL8272M uses PMBus for sequencing and system monitoring. ISL8272M keeps output power supply stable even due to change in performance of output capacitor due to temperature, variation or aging. The ISL8272M's ChargeMode control loop also provides a single clock cycle fast transient response to output current load steps common in FPGAs and DSPs processing power bursts.

"Cloud computing's high availability demands are requiring systems to control and monitor every power rail to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime," said Mark Downing, senior vice president of Infrastructure and Industrial Power Products at Intersil. "The highly integrated ISL8272M offers our customers a higher current, intelligent digital power module solution that monitors and controls power supply voltages, currents, temperatures and fault status, while dynamically optimizing system power efficiency on the fly."

The 50A ISL8272M is new addition to the Intersil's already released 25A ISL8270M and 33A ISL8271M digital power modules. Intersil's family of fully encapsulated power modules is compatible with all industry pick and place equipment for full manufacturing automation.

Other features includes:
Up to 96% conversion efficiency with 1% output voltage accuracy
Single clock cycle transient response
Independently programmable soft-start, soft-stop, sequencing and margining
Adjustable temperature, voltage and current protections
Compact, thermally-enhanced high density array (HDA) package simplifies thermal management, solution positioning and PCB routing

The ISL8272M is available in a compact 18mm x 23mm x 7.5mm HDA package, and priced at $50.75 USD in 1k quantities.

To learn more visit: www.intersil.com/products/isl8272m.

Another FPGA specific power supply IC ISL8002B released by Intersil is a synchronous buck (step-down) switching regulator with 2A continuous current rating from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply. ISL8002B operate at 2MHz switching frequency with features such as programmable soft-start, and output tracking and sequencing of FPGAs and microprocessors for point-of load conversions in networking, factory automation, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

Other important features of ISL8002B includes:
its output rails are configurable for coincidental, ratiometric, or sequential settings, ensuring the FPGA or MPU's internal ESD diodes are not biased or overstressed during rising or falling outputs.
Undervoltage lockout and several other protection/stability features (overvoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, negative current, over temperature and short-circuit) safeguard the system from damage when an unwanted electrical fault event occurs. And its unique negative current protection prevents switch failure.

The ISL8002B takes the space of less than a 0.10 inch2 footprint.
ISL8002B integrates low RDS(ON) high-side PMOS and low-side NMOS MOSFETs saves the circuit design from bootstrap capacitor and diode, and its high efficiency allows the use of small inductors to further reduce board space.

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