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Targray adds electrodes to its Li-Ion battery portfolio

Date: 10/04/2015
By establishing a strategic partnership with an experienced manufacturer of high quality electrodes for lithium ion batteries, Targray is offering large scale production of anodes and cathodes, designed to meet the various loading needs and specifications of its customers.

In offering ready-to-use electrodes to manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, Targray is seeking to further communicate its value proposition of providing high quality, essential products and materials, configured to meet the standards and requirements of the manufacturers it serves. Targray’s electrodes will be available as single sheets or as rolls of pattern or stripe coated geometry.

Targray also has the ability to tailor its coated electrode offerings per customer requests, meeting demands that pertain to size, loading, thickness/density, choice of active materials and substrates, and continuous stripes or pattern geometry.

“The addition of high quality, precisely formed coated electrodes to our already wide breadth of product offerings is yet another step in the direction of being an encompassing source for materials for all of our lithium-ion battery manufacturers,” said Andrew Richardson, President of Targray. “We’re looking forward to truly being able to satisfy all of the demands of our customers in a way that makes us a standalone leader in the market.”

Targray’s years of leadership in quality of manufacturing, combined with the depth of experience the company has in the provision of material components, creates a high value prospect for any customer seeking the finest in coated electrode products.

For more information about Targray and its focus on supplying materials and components for lithium-ion battery manufacturers, visit the company’s website at www.targray.com.

News Source: Targray