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99.1% power conversion efficient solar PV inverters

Date: 17/03/2015
A demonstration of achieving 99.1% power conversion efficiency solar inverters using silicon Carbide MOSFETs shown by CREE at the event Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) held on March 1618, 2015 in US. Power conversion efficiency is the most visible advantage of using SiC MOSFETs, the other two inherent advantages of using SiC MOSFETs include reducing the size and weight of the solar inverter.

CREE has demonstrated a proof of concept 50 watts string solar inverter. Some of the achievements posted by CREE at a recent event includes:

A 50% reduction in power loss.
3 to 5 times increase in the switching frequency
Due to the increase in switching frequency and reduce the heat generation by the switching device, cree claims a saving of 15% in cost related to cooling and filtering components.