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  Date: 15/03/2015

ARM Cortex M3 MCUs from Toshiba for smart meters

Toshiba launched new ARM Cortex M3 based microcontroller "TMPM311CHDUG" as part of its TX03 series targeting smart meter applications. Samples are available in April, with mass production scheduled to start in September, 2015.

TMPM311CHDUG features power measurement analog front-end (AFE) with 24-bit delta-sigma -type AD converter supporting high-precision current measurement, voltage measurement and power calculation at the same time.

Key Features of New Product as per Toshiba:
Built-in 4-channel 24-bit Delta Sigma-type ADC: Measures current and voltage simultaneously, with high precision. The allowance for measurement error of single-phase power calculation is within 0.1 %.
Three-phase power meter solution: Simultaneous current and voltage measurement for up to eight channels is supported by using two units of the microcontroller in an interlocking manner.
Built-in low-noise variable gain amplifier in each conversion channel of the 24-bit Delta Sigma-type AD converter: Enables high-precision measurement for current from a current sensor. This supports both power calculation meter and various sensor equipment.
Built-in temperature sensor: Enables various temperature corrections.
In combination with "TMPM411F20", which incorporates two Cortex-M4F cores and performs measurement and communication controls on one chip, and enables tamper detection in the power failure and interrupt detection for measurement and communications at super-low power consumption, "TMPM311CHDUG" can realize a smart meter system that integrates measurement and communication on a board.

Maximum frequency 24MHz
Internal memory SRAM 21 Kbytes
Operating voltage 2.7 to 3.6V
24-bit Delta Sigma AD converter
4 channel
Built-in variable gain amplifier for each channel
Variable gain: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16
1 channel is also used as an input of the internal temperature sensor.
µDMA controller 1 unit
16-bit timer 5 ch
Interrupt input 2 ch
SSP 1 ch
Temperature sensor 1 ch
Package LQFP48 (7mm × 7mm, 0.5mm pitch)
Note DMA: Direct Memory Access
1 Kbyte is calculated as 1024 bytes.
Sample price (tax included) 300 yen

More information about the products at


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