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Date: 14/03/2015

StackVelocity and Cavium to offer OCP inspired OCS

StackVelocity, a business unit of Jabil and Cavium to offer Open Compute Project (OCP) and OCP inspired Open Cloud Server (OCS) platforms designed using ARMv8 based ThunderX line of processors.

ARMv8-A architecture compliant ThunderX processors family are also fully compliant with ARM’s SBSA and SBBR standards and is supported by industry leading OS, Hypervisor and Software tool and application vendors.

“Companies looking seriously at Open Compute are intensely focused on squeezing every ounce of performance and efficiency from their data centers,” said Doug Taylor, General Manager, StackVelocity. “Cavium’s ThunderX architecture was designed to drive exceptional efficiency and performance, so collaborating with them to bring their ARM platform to OEMs and Open Compute for scale-out IT operators worldwide made perfect sense.”

“The combination of StackVelocity -- a global system integrator of client workload-optimized server platforms – and Cavium, with deep roots in the Open Compute community, creates a powerful partnership, “ said Rishi Chugh, Director, Data Center Processor at Cavium. “Our relationship with StackVelocity enables us to deliver workload-optimized, flexible, scalable and efficient ARM-based OCP/OCS-compliant Data Center server solutions to the OCP community.”