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  Date: 15/02/2015

200-Gigabit network processor can triple port density of line cards

EZchip Semiconductor announced that its latest chip 200-Gigabit NP-5, is now in full production. NP-5 is under volume shipment to EZchip’s customers for deployment in Tier-1 carrier and data-center networks.

The NP-5 is suggested as a scale-up chip for customers that use EZchip’s earlier NP-4 100-Gigabit processor. The NP-5 is priced 50% higher but has the capability to double and triple the port density of communication line cards. With the NP-5, EZchip’s customers can now deliver higher port-density line cards with multiple 40-Gigabit and 100-Gigabit ports, while continuing their offering of NP-4 based line cards for 10-Gigabit ports, suggests EZchip.

“The largest of EZchip’s router vendor customers are now providing NP-5 based line cards to their customers, and the NP-5’s exceptional performance and integration has enabled our Tier-1 customers to secure new large data-center customers which we believe should result in a significant increase in NP-5 business,” said Eli Fruchter, CEO of EZchip Semiconductor. “We are also well advanced in bringing to market the revolutionary NPS network processor that drives new applications and yet again doubles throughput and opens up new market opportunities for us. We believe that with the NP-5 now in production and with the NPS expected to sample in 2015, EZchip is well positioned to dominate the network processors market for years to come. Furthermore with the recent completion of the Tilera acquisition, we are well underway in developing a radical new class of multi-core processors that will bring significant new opportunities with the advent of NFV and SDN and in evolving carrier, cloud and data-center networks.”

NP-5 highlights according to the EZchip include:
200-Gigabit programmable packet processing
Integrated 200-Gigabit hierarchical traffic management
Ethernet ports with integrated MACs supporting 48x10-Gigabit / 12 x 40-Gigabit / 4x100-Gigabit interfaces or combinations thereof
Enhanced memory management for lookup tables, packet buffering and statistics; all using commodity DDR3 devices for minimized cost and power
10GBase-KR links for direct connection to the system’s backplane
Power management for minimizing line card and system power dissipation
On-chip control CPU for host CPU offload
Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) processing offload
Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE1588v2 offload for Circuit Emulation Services
IP reassembly for advanced packet processing offload

For more information visit http://www.ezchip.com.

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