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  Date: 15/02/2015

ESCATEC rolls out software alerting manufacturing issue much before

Contract and manufacturing services company ESCATEC rolling out its ESCADA software across its contract manufacturing facilities. ESCADA allows data gathered at the testing phase to be intelligently used to reduce manufacturing faults. This data analysis software ESCATEC to install at its high volume manufacturing facilities in Malaysia in 2015.

"The ESCATEC Data Analysis (ESCADA) enables us to spot manufacturing issues much earlier and correct them," explained Thomas Eschenmoser, ESCATEC's Section Head Test Engineering. "This is a key part of our drive to catch problems early as part of our on-going programme to reduce production costs. These savings we can then pass on to customers. In addition, by having a detailed database of test results and issues, it becomes much easier to fix any problems that occur later in a product's life. As a rule of thumb, fixing an issue once a product is out in the field can cost up to hundred times more than fixing at the component level during manufacture."

manufacturing software

The User Interface of ESCADA showing the Top Failure View

The illustration shows the number of units that failed and the test step involved. By having this immediately available the source of the failure can be fixed to improve the First Pass Yield. ESCATEC reports that ESCADA has resulted in a significant improvement in First Pass Yield of around 25%. "Being able to improve the process yield becomes increasingly important as products become more and more complex as can be seen from the graph below," added Thomas Eschenmoser.

manufacturing software

The graph shows how the importance of thorough testing can improve the yield as products become more complex

manufacturing software

This Cpk analysis uses results generated in ESCADA to improve processes

News Source: Escatec

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