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  Date: 08/02/2015

850MHz and 1900 MHz PCS amplifier for boosting signals

Taoglas USA launched a cellular amplifier for the North American 850MHz and 1900 MHz PCS frequency bands. This intelligent amplifier, the CSB.01.A can amplify signal strength to areas of low or no signal, such as inside a vending machine in a basement, within a vehicle, or in metal box. For device manufacturers in the utility, metering and oil and gas markets that use products in challenging and rugged environments, this amplifier offers them a robust and commercial grade option which has an intelligent system for ensuring always-on connectivity.

“The cellular amplifier has an intelligent system that can keep connection going even in cases of power outages,” said Tim Dolan, VP North American Sales, Taoglas USA. “If for some reason our booster looses power, the device simply bypasses itself and becomes a passive part of the system. This allows the connected device to have the ability to remain connected. This is a critical feature for most M2M applications where consumer grade amplifiers or repeaters do not allow for this and are used simply within home/office environments”

Within the cellular amplifier, Taoglas has placed its high performing TG30 Apex antenna, which has an efficiency of up to 90%. The Apex is an ultra-wideband, dipole terminal connector mount antenna, and is one of the highest performance LTE antennas in the market. The cellular amplifier is fully certified with the FCC and has low loss and robust cables. It will work seamlessly with any of the Taoglas antenna range in instances where a different mounting style is the preference.

The new CSB.01.A Cellular Amplifier is available immediately directly from Taoglas or through their distributors. For more information about cellular amplifiers and antennas from Taoglas, visit: www.taoglas.com/news/

News Source: taoglas.com

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