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WiFi for uCMK60 VoIP and IoT microcontroller platform

Date: 06/02/2015
Arcturus Networks made available an accessory pack for the uCMK60-VoIP development kit platform. The accessory pack contains two hardware daughtercards that can be plugged into existing uCMK60-SSB-DEV hardware boards. The daughtercards can be used to extend network connectivity to support 802.11b/g/n wireless or add additional push-button inputs and LED outputs.

The uCMK60-VoIP is a specialized development platform for IoT applications that require a combination of control and voice or distributed audio communication. It is built using a Freescale Kinetis K60 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller. The solution includes a full SIP VoIP stack and Arcturus Mbarx-M2M firmware, which provides a simple character driven protocol via a TCP/IP socket or UART interface, making it possible to operate, manage and query the device using local or global networks. By using the TCP/IP socket interface Mbarx makes it possible to develop system-level applications that can control networks of devices. Conversely, using Mbarx on the UART interface makes it possible to integrate the uCMK60 into an existing system or control it using a simple MCU. Mbarx firmware also supports a “peripheral on-boarding” capability enabling the network addressing of attached sensors or peripheral devices via the network connection.
Daughtercard Accessory Pack

The accessory pack contains a uCMK6x-WDC and a uCMK6x-XIODC daughtercard. Each card connects to the host development board (uCMK60-SSB-DEV) using header connectors. The WDC daughtercard supports 802.11b/g/n connectivity which is enabled using specialized firmware that can be downloaded as part of daughtercard accessory pack. Configuration and setup is accomplished by using the Mbarx System Manager GUI tool. The XIODC daughtercard breaks out additional inputs and outputs available on the MCU terminating them into a 3×4 row + 2 (14) push-button inputs and 17 LED outputs. No specialized firmware is required to support this daughtercard.

The software provided can be used to create specialized wireless IoT devices and audio applications including access control intercoms, voice enabled door bells, specialized wireless VoIP handsets, healthcare pendants, PA speakers and announcement systems. Both the Kinetis microcontroller and the WiFi chipset are designed for low-power operation and feature various low-power modes, suitable for battery powered devices including portable communication systems, belt-pack headsets or handheld walkie-talkies.

Pricing and Availability

The daughtercard accessory pack is available immediately as an add on to the uCMK60-VoIP Development Kit for $179. Additional take-to-market solutions are under development, including a fully integrated UCMK60-MOD module with WiFi support – contact Arcturus for more information. The solution can be purchased directly from the Arcturus online store.

New Source: Arctrus Networks