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Waveform analysis software by Tektronix

Date: 30/01/2015
Tektronix announced a software called TekScope Anywhere, which can be used to visualize, analyse on Windows PCs, tablets and servers with capabilities found on Tektronix oscilloscopes. TekScope Anywhere suggested for remote semiconductor device characterization.

"TekScope Anywhere enables our oscilloscope customers to collaborate and work in a more flexible environment," said Brian Reich, general manager Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. "For example, customers can now solve measurement correlation issues across multiple waveform formats from a variety of scopes and simulation environments independent of the scope hardware."

Below are further details shared by the Tektronix:

The use of TekScope Anywhere starts with an oscilloscope to collect waveform data and measurement results. From there, a set of common analysis tools are available independent of the hardware used to make the acquisition. A broad set of waveform formats from oscilloscopes or simulation environments are supported including .h5, .wfm, .csv, .bin, .trc, and .tr0.

TekScope Anywhere features a composite save/recall function to help users get started at the right place every time. An included measurement library offers over 70 measurements, including parametric, jitter, and eye diagrams. Visualizations include waveform and plot displays with interactions for zooming, cursors, and annotations along with math support for basic operations including operands (-, +, etc.), FFT, and arbitrary filters. Advanced jitter measurements are available when equipped with Option DJA.

Session files, including configuration and measurement details, can be saved on any Tektronix MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000, or MSO/DPO70000 series oscilloscope and used within TekScope Anywhere, eliminating the need to re-configure hardware setups. Adding to its collaboration capabilities, measurement results can be compared simultaneously across multiple waveforms and reports easily generated with the results.

Currently in limited release for evaluation, TekScope Anywhere will be available to order in March 2015 worldwide. Pricing starts at $895 US MSRP. Option DJA for in-depth jitter analysis is priced at $5,000 US MSRP.