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Date: 30/01/2015

OCXOs with correction coefficients and IC interface

The MD-203 OCXOs with Correction Coefficients and IC interface is the newest model in Vectron's Coefficient Corrected Oscillator Series. Offered in an industry standard 1x1 hermetic, surface-mount package, the oscillator is capable of frequency vs. temperature stabilities of 8 ppb over an industrial temperature range (-40 to +85C) without using the coefficients. With the coefficients, the end user can improve upon the stability by a factor of 10, offering unprecedented stability for an oscillator of this cost, size and power consumption. The IC interface provides the user access to the coefficients as well as an onboard temperature sensor for real-time temperatures measurements.

Standard Frequency: 10, 20 MHz
Package Size: 25 x 25 x 11.3mm
Supply: 5V
Output: HCMOS
Uncorrected temperature stability to 8ppb
Corrected temperature stability to 0.3ppb
Aging of 0.5 ppb/day
IC interface with frequency coefficients, temperature sensor, and current sensor

Applications: Base Stations, Test Equipment, Synthesizers

News source: Vectron