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New MoCA 2.0 reference designs by Entropic

Date: 24/01/2015
Entropic announced small low power MoCA 2.0 (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) USB power and data adapter reference design. Entropic says its latest MoCA 2.0 adapter reference design is the first-ever solution to combine the most advanced MoCA 2.0 technology available on the market with feature-rich functionality in a thumb drive form factor. With a size of less than 3 square inches support both power and data over the same USB port.

The MoCA 2.0 standard delivers net throughput rates of 400+ Mbps over 16 devices/nodes and 500+ Mbps when in turbo mode.

The MoCA 2.0 USB bus-powered reference design uses Entropic's EN2800 family of discrete MoCA chip. The EN28xx-series chips are pin compatible with existing EN256x and EN258x MoCA 1.1 solutions to design a single-board for both MoCA 1.1 and MoCA 2.0 products. The new MoCA 2.0 USB bus-powered adapter reference design is available now.

Entropic also collaborated with Qualcomm Atheros in launching a reference design for wireless and coax home networking. The ref design uses Entropic's EN2810, single chip second generation Multimedia Over Coax (MoCA) 2.0-based silicon and software with Qualcomm VIVE dual-band, dual concurrent 802.11ac plus 802.11n Wi-Fi chips (Qualcomm Atheros' QCA9563 2.4GHz 802.11N system-on-chip (SoC) and QCA9882, a 5GHz 802.11ac radio) for delivering MoCA-to-Wi-Fi extender products.

MoCA is used by service providers worldwide to enable multi-room DVR and video gateway to IP client set-top box architectures.

Echo, powered by Entropic's MoCA silicon, uses existing in-home coax wiring as a network backbone to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and provide more consistent bandwidth for Ultra High-Definition (HD) media, low latency online and cloud gaming, over-the-top (OTT) / Internet content and wireless entertainment anywhere in the home.