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IoT LED lamp compatible with Wink and ZigBee certified hubs

Date: 16/01/2015
Cree has launched IoT supporting LED lamps replacing 60-watt incandescent bulbs. The users can switch on and off these lamps through Wink and ZigBee hubs. These are available in US at a price of$14.97.

Brightness of these lights can also be controlled from the IOS and Android smartphones and also switch on/off the lights at schedules time. They can be remotely switched on for security reasons.

The Connected Cree LED Bulb is also designed to support platforms such as the Apple HomeKit platform as consumers adopt new platforms for home connectivity.

The Connected Cree LED Bulb is available in a 60W replacement with light output of 815 lumens in a soft white (2700K) color temperature and rated lifetime of 25,000 hours, which is equivalent to approximately 14 years of life of use in a typical home assuming the bulb is on for 5 hours a day.