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Silicon Image re-launches SiBEAM focusing 60GHz products

Date: 10/01/2015
Silicon Image's subsidiary SiBEAM is re-launched focusing on millimeter-wave technologies, products and solutions for wireless communications.

Khurram Sheikh, currently Chief Strategy & Technology Officer for Silicon Image, Inc., will take on the additional responsibilities as the new President of SiBEAM, Inc., leading the global wireless organization with overall responsibility for the wireless business.

Silicon Image's current and future wireless semiconductor products and intellectual property (IP), including 60GHz WirelessHD, UltraGig and "wireless fiber" infrastructure products will be part of SiBEAM.

"We are very pleased to have Khurram take on the new role after helping formulate the new strategy for the company and driving key strategic initiatives. Khurram's diverse background in the wireless industry and proven track record of next-generation innovation will help SiBEAM transform technical leadership into business results," said Camillo Martino, chief executive officer of Silicon Image, Inc.

"Wireless connectivity has become vital to consumers' everyday life. Millimeter-wave spectrum offers the greatest potential for next-generation gigabit wireless connectivity and lays the foundation for defining the future customer experience," said Khurram Sheikh, President of SiBEAM, Inc. "SiBEAM is the original pioneer and industry leader in CMOS-based millimeter-wave technology and will continue to leverage its production-proven expertise to expand the millimeter-wave wireless technology offerings to enable gigabit interactivity everywhere-from centimeters to hundreds of meters solutions that will be disruptive to the wireless industry."