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High performance yet low-cost schematic and PCB design EDA software

Date: 06/01/2014
High performance PCB design software from companies such as Mentor Graphics and Cadence is expensive for student researchers, and lean funded startups. Due to which some of the small and medium enterprises and engineering students in electronics engineering helplessly go for cheaper or sometimes free schematic/PCB design software tools available on net. By using such low-cost EDA software, they end up with limitations in designing what they need. Here is one nice circuit design and PCB design CAD software comparable to the best in the industry which helps professionals in electronics engineering to design complex PCB and write schematic diagrams of complex circuits.

The product names 'Quadcept' from Japan based Quadcept incorporation is a cloud-based EDA software which can be licensed on monthly basis. The software supports schematic circuit diagram preparation and PCB design. They are offered as separate packages. The circuit designer package is offered at a subscription fees of US$40 per month per user. The PCB designer package is offered at a subscription fees of US$ 100 per month per user.

One thing we should highlight to you is, since this is cloud-based service, security may be a concern for your design. However the trust level of this company looks to be high. Companies such as Bosch, Omron, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nikon, Canon, and NEC are its customers.

Quadcept says more than 9700 people have downloaded its CAD software.

Some of the features of PCB designer includes Cooperation with Transmission Line Analysis, Panelizing PCBs, Mesh Plane, Rectangular Wire (RF), DFM manufacture Checker, Online DRC, ease of wiring work, Design Rules Area, and ODB++ output. Find more at

Some of the features of circuit designer includes Device block, Drawing data conversion, Automatic wiring + Wiring Bundle + Wiring Bundle compliment, Single point grounding features, BOM / Parts list creation tool, automatic ERC checks and PDM Product Interoperability. Find more at

Buying of the software license is made easy by having the software downloadable on its website and payable online on its website.
For full information visit www.Quadcept.com