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GUC integrates Credo's 28G and 56G IP in 16nm FinFET SOC

Date: 10/01/2015
Global Unichip Corp and Credo Semiconductor are collaborating on networking devices produced in TSMC's 16-nm FinFET+ semiconductor process technology. Credo’s 28G and 56G SerDes IP based ICs are taped out using TSMC’s 16-nm FF+ process technology.

“Our collaboration with Credo is an extremely unique approach to solving some of the complex problems associated with designing high-performance devices at advanced technology nodes,” said Jim Lai, president of GUC. “We believe this is a model that will set a new standard for the entire semiconductor industry.”

Networking chips designed by Credo are used in switches, routers and other network hardware.

“We have worked closely with GUC to ensure the seamless integration of our 28G and 56G IP with their 16nmFF+ SOC integration platform,” said Bill Brennan, president and CEO of Credo. “We believe our collaboration will lead to first-pass silicon success for our customers and accelerate the adoption of 16FF+ ASICs for the 100G and 400G enterprise networking and data center markets.”

56G SerDes IP in deep nodes help increase the throughput and bandwidth of networking chips and systems, instead of using multiple channels.