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Date: 20/12/2014

LED street light circuit reference design from PI

Power-IC maker Power Integrations has made available circuit reference design for LED streetlights, high-bay lights and other high-power LED-lighting applications. The new design, RDR-382,describes a constant current, 43 V (nominal), 150 W reference power supply for 90-265 VAC solid-state lighting, utilizing Power Integrations HiperPFS-2PFC controller ICs and HiperLCS integrated LLC power stage ICs.

RDR-382 uses a new feedback and control scheme which enables the LLC to provide constant current directly at the output resulting in lesser external components and efficiency is greater than 93 %, and there is no need of DC-DC converter stage . LLC operate at high switching frequency (250 kHz) cutting the size of the required magnetics. This design uses continuous-conduction-mode, variable-frequency PFC stage bringing down EMI compared to fixed-frequency alternatives.

Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager for Power Integrations said “Reliability is especially important for high-power lighting applications above 75 W output. Because this design is high efficiency, less heat is generated. In combination with a reduced component count, this ensures a long lifetime.”

RDR-382 can be used to drive single or multiple LED strings and allows analog dimming to be implemented with a 0-10 VDC input. The reference design can be downloaded from: http://led-driver.power.com/sites/default/files/PDFFiles/rdr382.pdf