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DVB-T2 realtime monitoring and reporting tool ups QoE

Date: 02/12/2014
Leading test and measurement tool vendor Tektronix is offering real-time monitoring and reporting system supporting DVB-T2, the latest digital video broadcasting standard. Tektronix' Sentry and Medius monitor video and audio content and transmission quality on the front-end and at the DVB-T2 Tx stations.

Investment into these kind of test solutions help TV broadcasters satisfy its subscribers by offering high-quality broadcasting throughout the year. Quality of Experience (QoE), Quality of Service (QoS) can be significantly improved is by real-time monitoring of DVB broadcasting.

"Tektronix Sentry and Medius video quality monitor solutions give us real-time QoE monitoring to ensure our program content complies with legal requirements and delivers the best quality video and audio content to our subscribers," said COL Yosapon Meeprom, director of the Technology and Broadcasting Department at TV5. "At the same time, Sentry and Medius will help us identify and diagnose video and audio errors quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for traditional expensive and time-consuming methods of troubleshooting and helping to reduce operating costs."

Sentry detects error in the video and audio content in the IP and MPEG layers of DVB as well as in QoE. Sentry identifies problems such as frozen video, tiling/macroblocking and audio disruptions or audio-level issues, which are of concern for television subscribers.

The complimenting solution Medius does advanced reporting providing detailed QoE information that quickly highlights the top offending programs and/or locations. The dashboard in Medius alerts technicians/ broadcasting engineers by detecting errors quickly and accurately without they having to do any guesswork. The field technicians can save their time and effort by having such reliable alerts.

Royal ThaiArmy Radio and Television Channel 5 (TV5) is one of the satisfied customer of Tektronix Sentry and Medius.