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Date: 03/12/2014

Ultra-thin semiconductor film deposition equipment from Altatech

Altatech introduced the AltaCVD 3D Memory Cell product line for depositing ultra-thin semiconductor films in semiconductor memory ICs . Altatech claims the new system performs atomic-layer deposition 10 times faster than conventional ALDsystems.

Altatech’s AltaCVD 3D Memory Cell can deposit the needed layers of chalcogenide materials by using a combination of precursors. Altatech’s new tool uses patented pulsed technology to take advantage of advanced CVD precursors that are available only in liquid form.

The AltaCVD 3D Memory Cell also can perform advanced pre-treatment of semiconductor surfaces to improve circuit functionality as well as post-treatment of surfaces to enhance memory cells’ electrical performance.

Designed to process 200-mm or 300-mm substrates, the AltaCVD 3D Memory Cell uses a single-wafer, multi-chamber architecture to deliver both single-wafer process control and volume-manufacturing capability.