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Date: 15/11/2014

ESD damage preventing flooring for electronics industry

Humans and objects can become charged through movement or through electrostatic induction. Electrostatic induction is the separation of mobile electrical charges in an initially neutral body that takes place when it is approached by an electrically charged object.

The static charges are created due to tribo-electric charge such as a person walking across a floor, discharge occurring from human body finger tips/ charged conductive object like metallic tool or sliding an electronic device in or out of plastic bag and flow to a device deemed to be sensitive to the charge and even manufactured components.

Static Charges are dangerous :
These static electricity lead to significant damage, degrade or destroy electronic components mainly the expensive semiconductor IC chips.

ESD floor solution: Theni, Tamil Nadu, India based Monarch Industrial Products' ESD Floor Toppings provide a path for the charge to flow to ground, thereby neutralizing and providing shield from malfunctioning. They quickly and reliably lead off any charges on personnel and objects through the floor to earth potential.

Immediately after the subject steps onto an ESD floor the charge is reduced to zero as the static electricity travels from the body, through the floor and out to ground. The coating dissipate@ 5000-volt charge to zero in<0.1 seconds (22C@12%RH).

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