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Total acid removal filter to enhance yield in semiconductor fabs

Date: 21/10/2014
Semiconductor manufacturing related equipment vendor Entegris has launched contaminant filter called VaporSorb to keep chip manufacturing ambience from airborne molecular contamination (AMC). The new filter absorbs critical AMC in the chemical mechanical planarization process, or CMP, in semiconductor manufacturing. VaporSorb protects against weak acids such as acetic and formic acids (acetate; CH3COO- and formate; HCOO-) and nitrous acid (nitrite; NO2-) and also strong acids which include HNO3, SO2, H2SO4 and HCl. These contaminants are impacting the chip yield in CMP processes.

The new filter replaces as single filter for CMP tools for all critical AMC instead of multi-filters. This filter is also praised for service life to reduce both tool downtime and cost of ownership.

"Yield concerns in the CMP process, just as in the photolithography process, can be addressed by providing complete AMC protection. This means protecting against weak acids, as well as strong acids and other contaminants," stated Entegris Product Marketing Manager for AMC Filtration Solutions, Marc Venet. "With VaporSorb CMP, we have a single solution that completely addresses AMC-induced corrosion defects in CMP processes."

In July, the company launched the industry's first "four-in-one" filter, the VaporSorb TRK for photolithography tools, to capture airborne organics, bases, strong acids and weak acids. VaporSorb filters use Entegris' own unique mix of materials to capture airborne molecular contaminants, which are tailored to create application- and fab-specific filter solutions.

For more info visit: www.entegris.com.