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Mobile phone like device measure BP and other health vitals launched in India

Date: 23/09/2014
American Megatrends has launched a medical device called B.O.L.T, a compact personal health monitor system that measures BP (blood pressure), blood oxygen levels, and temperature without a prick. This medical electronic product is exclusively launched for Indian personal healthcare market.

There are already lot of IR thermometers and Blood pressure monitors available in flipkart in the price range of Rupees 1000 to 3000. Omron HEM-7113 Bp Monitor is available for Rupees 1349 on Flipkart.

There is exclusive website selling portable/personal health monitoring devices online. The website healthcart.com lists monitoring devices measuring Blood Pressure, Weighing Scales, Glucose Meters, Thermometer, and a lot more.

The advantage of B.O.L.T. is, it is a three in one device.

The sole seller of B.O.L.T device in India is mobile phone seller UniverCell. Interesting feature of B.O.L.T is, it enables user to control his or her health and lifestyle practices by intelligently interpreting the body’s vital information and providing access to this data through a specially designed, cloud-enabled smart app.

UniverCell inaugurated sales of B.O.L.T wireless device throughout its retail stores in the Chennai on September 24th.

For more details including price on BOLT visit: http://www.amibolt.com/index.aspx