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  Date: 21/09/2014

AppliedMicro's Smart PHY and Acacia's CFP module interoperate

AppliedMicro and Acacia ensured interoperability between AppliedMicro's 100G(X12/X120), 200G(X24/X240) Smart PHY family OTN Processors and Acacia's AC100-CFP 100G PM-QPSK Coherent CFP module.

AppliedMicro said Smart PHY OTN processor, combined with Acacia's small form factor coherent CFP module, reduces 75% of the power compared to existing 100G coherent transponder system solutions.

"Interoperability between APM's framer and Acacia's 100G coherent CFP accelerates the speed at which equipment vendors can design and deliver 100G coherent solutions to customers," said Andrew Schmitt, Principal Analyst, Carrier Transport Networking at Infonetics Research.

"Acacia's lowest power, smallest form factor AC100-CFP 100G coherent CFP enables the highest densities for 100G coherent interfaces in the industry, and reducing the total cost per bit while requiring the lowest power of all 100G Coherent Transceivers," said Christian Rasmussen, co-founder and Director of DSP Development at Acacia. "Our solution is ideally suited to address the rapid growth of 100G metro networks, which require massive increases in capacity at lower price points."

"AppliedMicro's 28nm low power X12/X120 and X24/X240 X-Weave products deliver up to 240Gbps capacity in a single device and enable high density Terabit 100G line card solutions," said Tracy Ma, Director of Product Marketing at AppliedMicro. "With 28G I/O and 100G gearbox integration, our Smart PHY OTN processors can seamlessly interface with current generation coherent modules and new generation CFP2, CFP4, QSFP28 pluggable modules. This further optimizes the power and cost for 100G metro cloud network solutions."

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