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IR array scans heat signature with higher field of view

Date: 08/09/2014
Melexis launched low cost infra-red (IR) array for temperature scanning in broad range of applications including security, automotive, building automation and consumer electronics. These IR temperature sensors provide heat signatures for both static and dynamic objects.

MLX90621 comes in 16 x 4 pixel configuration and offer a field of view (FoV) of 100 x 25. MLX90621 can operate in temperature range of 40C to 85C and can measure object temperatures from -20C to 300C.

Featuring I2C digital interface MLX90621offers frame rate of 0.5Hz to 64Hz. MLX90621 offers noise performance of 0.25K noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) at a frequency of 16Hz.

For automotive applications, MLX9062 can simultaneously measure temperature profiles of both the passenger and driver, if suitably positioned on the center-stack of the dashboard. For building air conditioning systems, MLX90621 saves from using stepper driven mechanical scanner to complete sweeps of the target cooling area.

The MLX90621 is available in a compact TO39 metal can package. The device is available in three FoV different options; 60 x 15, 40 x 10 and 100 x 25.

For more information go to: www.melexis.com/MLX90621