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Low cost thermal imaging core from Flir supports VGA resolution

Date: 08/09/2014
FLIR Systems has unveiled its new thermal imaging core, Muon with resolutions up to and including VGA.

Based on wafer-scale packaged detector technology Muon provides a plug-in module with calibrated video output using industry-standard interfaces. Muon operate on standard imaging device power and communication protocols.

Muon has a form factor of 22 mm x 22 mm x 6 mm, a mass of less than 5 grams, and depending on the configuration, uses less than 300mW of power.

"Muon provides an optimal solution for OEM customers who want to develop their own thermal camera systems at lower cost," said Andy Teich, FLIR President and CEO. "Muon utilizes several low-cost, high volume technologies that were first deployed in our Lepton core launched earlier this year. With a focus on ease of integration, Muon is yet another example of FLIR's industry-leading innovation in the area of thermal imaging technology."