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MEMS design software features improved simulation

Date: 08/09/2014
The new MEMS design software from Coventor supports the design of MEMS for specific requirements such as micro-mirrors and piezo electric devices. The micro-mirrors are used in digital projectors, which are used in mobile devices such as smart phones.

MEMS+ 5.0 supports creation and export of reduced-order models (ROMs) to the MATLAB Simulink, which the MEMS designers use for non-linear simulations of MEMS-based systems. These ROMs are also available in Verilog-A format for simulations of MEMS with electronics in VLSI EDA software: Cadence Spectre circuit simulator.

The latest features in MEMS+ 5.0 includes:
Improved model library for accurately simulating an even wider range of device types and structures, including:
New electrostatic comb drive models between movable and flexible structures
Improved side electrode and side contact models
Squeezed-film damping models for side electrodes
Support for modeling out-of-plane flexible structures such as corrugations
Enhanced support for modeling piezo-electric sensors and actuators
Generic spring and damper models

The MEMS+ 5.0 software is shipping now. For more detailed product information visit: http://www.coventor.com/support/portal/.