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NFC device connect to I2C microcontroller

Date: 28/08/2014
NFC technology pioneer NXP Semiconductors N.V. has made available the new NFC enabling NTAG IC memory which can be interface-d to microcontroller of any electronic device with I2C interface.

NTAG IC allows systems/applications such as home appliances, consumer electronics, wearable technology and home automation to have user interface controlled through NFC enabled mobile phone. Contactless NFC interface is combined with contact IC interface and onboard non-volatile memory.

The NTAG IC supports advanced device pairing, personalization of electronic devices, and device maintenance.

The data can be flown in bidirectional from home appliances such as microwave oven and washing machine to another remote device enabling creative use of such home appliances.

Passive NTAG IC is also capable of supplying power to the microcontroller devices by energy harvesting from the mobile device.

NTAG IC is also designed for use in wearable devices. The new device is also fully supported by the recently released MIFARE SDK (Software Development Kit).